James 5:16



“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” (James 5:16)

The Holy Scripture does not just emphasize on praying personally to God; it also stresses the importance on praying for one another. A local church ought to be a community of believers that is devoted to pray for one another. We must pray for one another’s struggle with sin. We should uphold each other in intercession during times of disappointment. We have to fight on our knees for one another’s needs.

To pray for one another, we have to confess our sins and share our struggles with one another. People are not omniscient; only God is. People know our struggles when we open our hearts to them. But many in church live with closed hearts. In this way, we cannot obey God’s word which encourages us to pray for one another. Sometimes, God may not answer our prayers because He wants us to learn to depend on His people for prayers.

The reason God has brought us together as a church is so that we would pray for one another and pray together for others. Sadly, numerous people in the churches sit together or perhaps talk together, but do not pray for one another. This only shows the weakness of our interpersonal relationship and powerlessness of our church. No church can be strong without having its believers pray for one another. No church can be united together in love without crying out for one another’s welfare.

Introspection: Do I pray for other believes in my church? Do I join with my church and pray for others? Do I confess my sins and struggles so that my church would pray for me and stand with me in my battles?

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, how beautiful is Your community! Help us to confess our sins and sufferings with one another and pray for each other. Enlighten us to know that Christian life is not a lonesome battle. Lead us to live together as a praying community. In Jesus name we pray. Amen
Bless you.


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